Deep Grief, Deep Love

March is here, and there is no denying the fact that this time of year stirs up emotions that have remained dormant.  My eyes sting as I fight back the painful ache that March brings. I sift through those final days, clinging to the memories that are quickly fading.   I long to hear his voice that echoes in my mind, wondering what he would look like today.

I look back wondering how I survived the intense pain and heartache child loss brought into our lives.  After nine years, I can still relive these days like they were yesterday.

Tonight the words don’t come as easy, but I will share an excerpt from another blog  – its a snapshot of grief and its endless timeline.

This dance with grief is my connection with my son and it is all I have left of him here on earth. It is during this intense dance with grief that I can feel my son’s small arms wrapped around my neck and hear his infectious giggle once again. It is proof that he lived and that I loved him with all my heart. As we spin round and round, those sweet memories of him swirl around me. They make me laugh and cry as pain and joy twist together. They give me hope and make me long for Heaven.

Grief  – it is a life-long, never-ending dance. But as always, I am reminded that where there is deep grief, there is great love. My son, he was loved fiercely, and because of that I will gladly dance with grief for the rest of my life.  Dance with Grief by Heather Ducksworth






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