About me…

There’s probably some fancy place to post an “about me” or an”about the author”, but please pardon my dust as I navigate through my new website, my VERY OWN website….eek!!  It’s not full of sparkles or fluff (yet), but it’s mine and the newness and ownership and blank-canvas type feeling is exciting yet overwhelming all in the same.  So, who am I?  Geesh, that’s a loaded question as there are many layers to Stephanie.  In a nutshell and to ward off any boredom or long yawns, I am a mother of three beautiful children, with one being in heaven.  I’m a wife, daughter, sister, and friend.  I am witty (or so I like to think), compassionate, fun-loving, and tender-hearted (or as my husband says, “sensitive”).  I enjoy learning, reading, running, and purging my mind through writing.  Underneath all of that though is a woman with a burning desire to be all that she was born to be, to find purpose in every crevice of her life – the good, the bad & even the ugly.  I am a child of God, a Christian woman who has flaws, needs, and painful parts of life.  I long for peace & I am discovering that the root of my joy is gratitude & to embrace every detail of my journey, surrendering to the one who holds the plan for my life.  The name Fall on my Faith has a story all in its own, but my purpose is to show the world (or the few who read this) that the journey of life has its “peaks & valleys” (a bit cliche I know).  Although we all love to be in the peaks of life, it’s in the valley where we learn the meaning of grit, where we fight the hardest, and grow the most. It’s where we most often times lean on scripture, ask for prayer & learn to fall on our faith to get us through.  I can’t promise you fancy shmancy, but I can promise you real, raw, & perfect imperfection.  Here goes….


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